The industry of photo booth has plenty of pricing structures and offers variety of tools and add-ons related to photo booth cost. It can get confusing at first, especially if it is your first time to hire a photo booth. Don’t stress yourself out. We’ve got some useful information to help you make your best choice when it comes to photo booth hire cost.

Tips Before the Photo Booth Hire

  • Cheapest may not always be the best.
  • Expensive, on the other hand, aren’t always a sign of high quality.
  • Spending time to research and compare photo booths will put you in the best position to make a very informed choice.

Photo Booth Packages

Some photo booths offer an all-inclusive package while there are also others that give their best price for a basic photo booth hire. In addition, there are some photo booth operators that offer unlimited prints while there are others who charge for up to a maximum number of prints.


Check if the delivery to your venue is already included or charged to the overall rate of your photo booth. Most photo booth operators charge a fee to travel to their assigned venues outside of their standard area.


Some photo booth operators provide an attendant and they expect them to be fed during the event. Prior to your photo booth hire, it is essential to check this factor and see if this fits into your budget.

Payment Terms

When making payment plans, carefully read the fine print. Check the important details such as the required deposit and the final payment due date. 

Security Bond

Ask the photo booth operator who’s responsible for the bond to cover if any damage will occur during the event.

Replacing Props

Your photo booth hire will most likely charged you a fee if you have a package with props and that props are broken or not returned. Ask for an inventory of their props.

Deals and Discounts

When inquiring about a photo booth, ask if the photo booth operators offer deals for mid-week, last minute photo booth hire or even early booking. However, make sure to carefully read the fine print or contract when negotiating to pay early so that you’ll know what is refundable and what is not. It will be a good idea if you do this with a reputable and long running photo booth company who are stable in this line of business, if you are from Melbourne I recommend checking out this photo booth hire company here.

During the Photo Booth Hire

During the photo booth hire, your guests will simply step into the photo booth and if it is automated, they can easily operate the machine. If the machine is not automated or does require an attendant, a photographer or the attendant himself will do the work manually. Once all the shots are taken, the guests will step out of the booth and collect their treasured photo strips from the dispenser.

After the Photo Booth Hire

Most of the photo booth hire saves all the pictures digitally so that you can have digital copies of your pictures. You may also ask if they can save it on a CD or USB so that you can store in on your laptop or computer and even upload it on your social media account.