Just like prospective customers check to ensure that the products they intend to buy are good and legitimate. You really need to learn how to search and verify a business. Before dealing with a business partner, make sure that you share the same business ideologies and prospects with the person.

Whether you want to collaborate with someone, or buy from a non-profit organization or from a supplier, make sure you are not taking unnecessary risks. When you are doing a business search, the search should be straightforward.

In sincerity, all businesses whether federally or state incorporated ones ought to register in the territory or province where they do business. These businesses include:

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations

Apart from the ones that operates under a person’s name. Get all the information you need from the provincial registrars. Most of them can be gotten online.

Ways to investigate a business

There are so many ways to investigate a business.

Below are some of them:

Check it out

Do an internet search, by using all the necessary information at your disposal such as the name, telephone address and office address. Then, visit the company to know if they are projecting what they really claim to be.

Share details on social media

You can share the details of the company with your friends or followers/ contacts on social media, and ask them to give you reviews. You may be surprised at the reviews you will get. If the company has a viable social media presence, you may see people talking about their products and services.

Ask for references from clients or suppliers

This option may only work for companies that have existed for a period of time, and may not necessarily work for those that are relatively new who have garnered very few clients. However, even if the company is relatively new, you may see one or two people telling you about them.

Check Director registered details

You could also check who the company director is by using a company director search service privately and anonymously. That will help you getting almost a 360 degree view about the business.

Consult the trade organizations or industry

Make it a point of duty to check with trade organizations or industry in your territory or province. Check it out with the business bureau database, so as to know much about them.

After verifying that the business exists and is formidable, then you can proceed to start working with them. If you want to do business with someone or company you have never worked before, it is necessary you start with a less, smaller risky transaction.


Always start doing business with a small amount of money you can afford to lose. Keep doing this, until you have established a good business relationship with them- this will also give you an idea to know if the company is capable of meeting deadline and have a reliable customer service.

Please if you are unsatisfied or something is not working right for you, the best thing to do is not to proceed. Verifying information is really necessary to protect your business. Find out other reliable ways of keeping your business secure, safe and minimize risk.

Usually, after registering a business name, the registration will be valid for next 5 years, after which it will be renewed. It is very necessary to ensure that your registration is up to date. If you change your business name or type from sole proprietorship or to general partnership, then you will have to do a new registration.

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