If you enjoy physical activity, or you are an athlete you definitely need comfortable garments. The compression pants, tights or shorts represent truly comfortable and beneficial garments to be used in almost any type of sports activity: running, jogging, cycling, fitness, weight lifting, boxing, martial arts, running, etc. All you need to do is research carefully and buy only top quality compression garments that are manufactured using the best materials. Quality compression garments also feature several important technologies that add to this comfort: dri fit technology, ventilation zones placed strategically or seamless technology.

Compression tights for males and females

When shopping around for the perfect compression shorts, look for the following features:

  • UV protection– this is extremely important especially if you are cycling on long routes during summer when the UV rays can be extremely damaging for your skin. If you are exercising regularly outdoors, look for compression garments that provide an UV protection of at least 30.
  • Wicking moisture away from your skin– when exercising in such tight to the skin garments, it is important to prevent skin irritation. There are many top brand compression pants available capable of wicking moisture away from your skin and help preventing irritation.
  • Compression pants with thermal lining– extremely important feature for exercising in cold weather. Pants with thermal lining will help keeping your body warm and comfortable during exercising.
  • If you are looking for extra protection for your calves, you should purchase full length compression shorts at this store which cover your entire leg. If you are cycling for example, it is enough if you purchase the ‘capri’ style compression pants.

Compression shorts size chart

The best type of womens compression tights

If you are a woman and you have no idea where to start your search, you should know there are a few top reputable and trustworthy brands offering the best quality in in females compression tights. The brands you should research include: Nike, Under Armor, Oakley, New Balance, Puma or BG. You can find such compression garments sold even on the most well-known online portals such as Amazon or Ebay. Research well and purchase the type of compression pants, tights or shorts that mostly suit your needs and requirements. Only focus on purchasing top reliable quality for maximum comfort and durability of your compression garment.

Tips on shopping for mens compression tights

It is not that complicated to choose the perfect pair of males compression tights. There are just a few considerations to keep in mind such as:

  • Your available budget– top quality compression garments offered by popular brands will be more expensive. However, these are the most durable and comfortable in time, so it is worth making the investment effort.
  • Which brand to choose– there are many non-brand compression garments available, but these will not offer the quality, protection and comfort offered by a brand garment. Look around and search for a good brand compression garment manufactured by names such as Nike or Puma.
  • Extra features– as earlier mentioned, a top reliable compression garment will come with several features such as thermal lining, UV protection or ventilation zones. So which of these features you really need? Consider these details when comparison shopping online.
  • Style & color- this is completely up to your personal preferences. Would you like to own the most popular black compression shorts, or are you looking for a more fancy color and style (such as neon green combined with orange)?